Recent trainees had this to say about EITI: 


“I really found the Training on Trauma to be extremely helpful…and the speakers were amazing.”

-V. C., Trauma Series


“Thank you very much …for planning and coordinating an AMAZING training.  The information was extremely valuable and I truly appreciate all of the hard work you put into making it a wonderful experience for all.  Please keep me on your email list for future trainings/ workshops, as I would love to continue growing in field of child and family services.”

-A. Whitmore, Maternal Depression


“This training has provided me with a new way of looking at children’s pathology, relationship with caregivers, and effectiveness interventions. It has impacted the way I assess, conceptualize, and treat children of all ages.” 



 “Wonderful presentation. I learned so much.”            



“This was the best training I've been to in a long time. More, please!”  



"This was my first training with LACGC and my first with my new role at my company. This gave me lots of tools and insight on how to be a better teacher, educator, and supervisor. Thank you."

-Anonymous, Honoring the Parallel Process of Reflective Practice: Promoting Collaborative Relationships in Treatment and Supervision


According to post-training evaluations, 92-100% of participants find our trainings to be highly valuable.