About the Clinic

Los Angeles Child 
Guidance Clinic   


The Clinic is the oldest, continuously operating agency of its kind in the West, and has been committed to serving the communities of Central and South Los Angeles for over 90 years.  

Since its inception in 1924, the Clinic has been a leader in innovative mental health programming. In the 1940s, it adopted a multi-disciplinary team approach to best understand the complexities of children’s needs and to develop individualized treatment plans that resulted in improved emotional and behavioral outcomes.  This approach infused the professional perspectives and work of psychologists and social workers, and added child psychiatrists to the team shortly thereafter. The model of service delivery then evolved to include a parent and family component that has resulted in the culturally sensitive, family-centered, consumer-driven approach that the Clinic is known for today.


Our Mission  

The mission of the Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic is to provide quality mental health services to a community in great need by ensuring easy access and promoting early intervention. The Clinic enhances the mental health and well-being of children and youth ages 0-25 years, and their caregivers, by:

image_only.JPG Providing family-centered, culturally sensitive and clinically sound mental health programs in    an atmosphere that fosters emotional and social growth.

image_only.JPG Providing specialized educational services to seriously emotionally disturbed children and                 youth who have failed in other settings.

image_only.JPG Advocating on behalf of children and their families in order to secure needed services.

image_only.JPG Training mental health professionals and promoting innovative new approaches.

image_only.JPG Promoting strategic collaborative efforts with schools, preschools and other human services     and advocacy agencies in Central and South Central Los Angeles.

image_only.JPG Providing follow-along services to clients enrolled in Clinic services prior to age 21, through    their 25th birthday, when indicated.

image_only.JPG Conducting ongoing evaluations of Clinic services to ensure effective outcomes;                                conducting research on Clinic services and participating in appropriate research studies                of experts in mental health and related fields.


Therapeutic Goals

image_only.JPG  Help children and youth who are mentally ill, seriously emotionally disturbed, abused or at risk     for mental health problems to function in a healthy manner at home, in school and in the                 community, ensuring that services are offered at the lowest level of care possible.

image_only.JPG Support primary caregivers in their efforts to strengthen and preserve the integrity of their     families.

image_only.JPG Treat adult family members, as appropriate, in support of family-centered services.

image_only.JPG Treat adults who face barriers to employment due to mental health issues.








 Our University Park office, which houses our administrative headquarters.  







Our flagship site at Exposition Park, which also hosts EITI events.  







Our offices at Leimert Park.  






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