Core Curriculum

Our Core Modules provide a foundational, in-depth overview of infant mental health and are presented in sequence (see descriptions below). Modules can stand alone, but are most useful when combined with case consultation and follow-up.


Supplemental Modules add greater dimension to the core modules by delving further into specific areas of infant mental health and well-being. Supplemental Module descriptions are available upon request. In addition to Core and Supplemental Modules, EITI provides trainings on a wide variety of topics to promote interdisciplinary practice and strength-based perspectives for providers of young children and their families.


A. Core Modules Overview (Infant Mental Health Series)

    1. Brain Development & Attachment and the NRF

    2. Social Emotional Milestones & Development

    3. Sensory Integration & Self-Regulation

    4. Diagnosis & Assessment


B. Supplemental Modules

    1. Trauma & PTSD – Impact on Young Children

    2. Interventions for Children 0-5

    3. Prenatal Exposure to Drugs & Alcohol

    4. An Interdisciplinary Approach: The Neurorelational Framework

    5. Attachment & Attunement

    6. Crisis Intervention (in Home or Classroom Settings)


These modules can be tailored to meet the educational and contextual needs of Early Head Start staff, child care providers, and other early intervention teachers or home visitors. Click here.


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